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At GUARD Archaeology, we define outreach to be any project or activity where interaction with the public occurs. While most of our projects are undertaken in advance of planning developments and do not include outreach due to commercial sensitivity, many of our most significant projects often include an element of outreach to them. For some this may simply be in the form of a local press story (always agreed in advance with our clients), information hosted on our web site or a conference poster, while for others this may include many of the aspects defined within our scope of outreach below:


This includes the production of school's packs, work experience opportunities for school pupils or university students, lectures or seminars to schools, colleges and universities as part of a formal teaching programme.

Direct Public Engagement

This is defined as including any direct engagement with members of the public. This may include excavation open days, site tours, public lectures or training initiatives and taking part in Doors Open Day events. Often once an excavation has been completed and published, we will be invited to give talks to local and national groups about the results of our work.


This is defined as any event where members of the public take part in archaeological field or lab work. Usually structured around a research or community-based initiative, this work tends to include a degree of training and teaching on the methods and practice of archaeology, including finds and ecofacts identification and recovery.

Indirect Public Engagement and Interpretation

This is defined as any indirect engagement with the public via media coverage, websites, articles, books, newsletters and conference posters. The scope includes all written, drawn and photographic means of communication and also includes travelling exhibitions and advertising literature.