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¹⁴C & Archaeology 8th International Symposium

¹⁴C & Archaeology 8th International Symposium flyer
¹⁴C & Archaeology 8th International Symposium flyer

GUARD Archaeology are sponsoring the Bayesian Modelling of Archaeological Sites session at the 8th International Symposium on ¹⁴C & Archaeology this year. Archaeologists most frequently construct site-based Bayesian chronological models. This session looks at site-based Bayesian modelling that are far from simple. Along with a presentation about new tools for constructing Bayesian chronologies, the papers investigate chronology building for very large complex sites or multiple sites in an area, to engage with questions regarding both inter- and intra-site chronological variability, ritual and domesticity, and trade.

This year's symposium has been organised by the staff of the SUERC Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory, with help from a number of Scottish based archaeologists and scientists. The SUERC laboratory has a long association with archaeology, particularly Scottish archaeology, having worked closely with Historic Scotland for over 30 years. Their aim for the symposium is to showcase a good balance of current archaeological research that employs radiocarbon and developments in the radiocarbon technique.

The symposium will be held in the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh 27 June–1 July 2016, with the Bayesian Modelling of Archaeological Sites session to be held on Thursday 30 June, starting at 11:20.

This is a hugely significant international conference so please book your ticket now to avoid disappointment.