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GUARD Archaeology Beer
GUARD Archaeology Beer

Excavating archaeological sites can be thirsty work. Not a problem for GUARD Archaeology diggers though, who now have a choice of three GUARD Archaeology beers to quench their thirst! Rheged's Ruin is a refreshing IPA. Its name relates to the 2012 excavation of Trusty's Hill, a vitrified fort in Galloway. GUARD Archaeologists led this community excavation which discovered that this was once an early medieval royal stronghold but since largely forgotten after it was destroyed during the Northumbrian conquest of Galloway in the early seventh century.

Battleaxe Beer is a light Golden Ale. Its name derives from the favourite weapon of Robert the Bruce at the Battle of Bannockburn, with which he slew Henry de Bohun on the first day of battle there. Between 2011 and 2014 GUARD Archaeology led a series of surveys and excavations that successfully revealed the location of the battlefield.

Bishop's Castle Brew is a Wheat Beer and its name comes from Partick Castle, once the stronghold of the Bishop of Glasgow. The remains were thought to be lost following the demolition of the later 1611 tower house around the beginning of the nineteenth century, until GUARD Archaeologists discovered it and the earlier Bishop’s Castle remains in 2015.

The three separate beers are the happy result of a recent GUARD Archaeology staff outing to the Stewart Brewing's Craft Beer Kitchen, Scotland's first brew-it-yourself facility. Cheers!